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Yuri Lobyntsev

Yuri Lobyntsev

Co-Founder and CTO Cindicator


Yuri Lobyntsev is the Co-Founder and CTO of Cindicator -- a fintech company offering predictive analytics for investment decisions in crypto and traditional financial markets.

Yuri started coding at 10 years. He built an award-winning Innovative Apps Development studio -- Octabrain, traveled the world, won competitions in sailing sports, math & informatics, highly skilled in rapid nonclassical problem-solving with unorthodox & novel approaches. Yuri is passionate about new challenges and revolutionary ideas. He has a higher education background in math and computer science whilst having a professional background in software technologies.

Yuri is involved in the spheres of deep psychology, human and machine consciousness, complex systems interaction, neuro-communications and explorations beyond rational limits.

Current main points of interests:
- innovations
- FinTech
- Neuro-Technologies
- Decentralized Systems
- Hybrid Intelligence
- deep experiences

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