Meet Yuki Hanyu -
Yuki Hanyu

Yuki Hanyu

Founder and CEO Integriculture Inc.


Yuki Hanyu is an Oxford graduate with a Ph.D. in Chemistry. During his Ph.D., he worked in the field of nanofabrication, the study of manipulating atoms and molecules. The field spans surface science, organic chemistry, and biochemistry.

After working as a post-doctoral research staff at Tohoku University for 2010-2012, he worked as a research scientist for Systems Engineering Laboratory, Toshiba Research, and Development Center for October 2012 - December 2014. He has worked in the public infrastructure team to develop battery-based electric energy storage systems.

In January 2015, he has founded a business which in November became Integriculture Inc, a registered company. The company aims to develop large-scale cell culture technology that ultimately leads to "in vitro meat".

Personally, he is an intense and intelligent individual with the ability to rapidly absorb new skills and knowledge and develop into innovative ideas. He is a scientific thinker with clear traits of an inventor. He has a very approachable attitude backed up with his exceptionally rich international experience and tolerance.

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