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Yash Kotak

Yash Kotak

Co-Founder and CEO


Yash Kotak is Co-Founder and CEO of, the first automated social and messaging commerce platform that allows brands to sell direct-to-consumers on social media platforms and messaging apps. Under Yash’s leadership, has successfully worked with over 11,000 businesses worldwide including brands like Marvel, Disney, Ben & Jerry's, and Unilever. Founded in 2017, has been part of corporate innovation and incubation programs by Unilever Foundry, PayPal, Target and Visa Everywhere Initiative.

With more than 20 years of experience building e-commerce solutions for brands and companies worldwide, Yash thrives on the web, flirts with artificial intelligence, and builds machine learning for a network of flawless, unified platforms. Yash has built and designed more than 22,000 websites. Among his first projects was designing India's first film magazine for Yahoo! He has built automated bots since 1995, paving the way for his career-defining passion for AI and IRC (Internet Relay Chat) networks.

An experienced speaker on topics involving AI, automation, and commerce without boundaries, Yash has spoken at events across Asia and worldwide, including F8, 500 Startups, WPP Stream, Unilever Patent Conference, and more.

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