Meet Yann van Ewijk -
Yann van Ewijk

Yann van Ewijk

Cyber Security Consultant Ultimum


What drives Yann van Ewijk is combining technology and business in order to create and help clients achieve impact. Through his creative and hacker mindset, he knows the threats in the Cyber Security landscape. Ever since his first website got hacked, he has a passion for Cyber Security.

This passion led him to cryptocurrency and Bitcoin/Blockchain technology which has become his passion for research and educate people about these technologies.

He does this through speaking at conferences and is an active member of the Dutch Bitcoin Foundation community and we organize every month the Bitcoin Wednesday conference.

During his time on this earth, he traveled across the following continents and experienced a lot: Europe, Asia, South America, North America.

Most of all, he is a culinary food and wine enjoyer.

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