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Yann Bocchi

Yann Bocchi

Head of the Software Engineering Unit University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland Valais


As a teacher, project manager, innovator, coach as well as head of a unit composed of 30+ members from 7 different nationalities, Yann Bocchi likes putting people together and do his best to meet everyone's needs. He put the clients’ results and satisfaction first and take an agile approach to manage teams, projects, and courses.

With 20+ years in ICT and more than 15 years dealing with Internet of Things technologies, his passion is to innovate and serve people in the fast-moving environment, putting User eXperience in the center. He definitely considers technology as a mean, not a final goal.

He is organized, pragmatic, creative and enterprising, with a keen team spirit and excellent interpersonal skills. His current research activities are focused on Smart Cities applications, the Internet of Things and mobile services.

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