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Will Freeman

Will Freeman

Freelance Video Game Journalist and Consultant Independent


As an established freelance video game journalist working in the field for 13 years, Will Freeman covers games, game technology, the game industry and game development for a number of national newspapers, specialists, trade and consumer publications. He also covers technology more broadly, as well as toys.

Furthermore, he offers copywriting, script editing, mock reviewing, consulting, speaking, event curation and related services, within the sphere of the game industry and game medium, and in associated sectors, from robotics to VFX.

In a freelance capacity, Will have contributed to a range of titles including The Guardian, Edge, The Observer, Vice, Eurogamer, Official Xbox Magazine, Gamespot, BBC Radio 5, Kotaku, Develop, IGN, MCV, PCGamesN, Trusted Reviews, and PocketGamer.

Will served as a video game critic for the national newspaper The Observer for over 11 years. He has also written features and reviews for The Guardian for much of that time, and continue to do so.

Having previously stood as editor of game development industry title Develop, he subsequently provided content to the magazine and website on a freelance basis, specializing in the creativity, technology, and business of making and distributing games; topics he today cover as editor of TheGamingEconomy.

His copywriting work, meanwhile, sees his support high profile technology and game clients.

In conjunction with his writing, Will also offers consultancy services, specializing in game development, game industry and business, games' capacity and role beyond entertainment, and game studios looking to reach and work with the press. He additionally, provide game script editing services, and stand as a judge on many game awards, having served the BAFTA Games Awards and the Develop Awards in such a capacity many times.

Will is a frequent speaker and chair at game events, and provide game event curation services, having in 2016 and 2017 co-curated the games element of BAFTA's Guru Live conference.

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