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Wayne Brown

Wayne Brown

Managing Partner The Walker Group


Wayne Brown has over three decades of experience in the financial services and technology industries, starting as a senior auditor at Irving Bank (acquired by Bank of New York in 1988).

With the rise of e-commerce, Wayne decided to gain an understanding of the impact of technology on financial services, and he began by leveraging his auditing skills and extending his network. From there, Wayne held various positions of increased responsibility at large technology companies and global top-tier banks.

As a product manager at MasterCard International, Wayne's role consisted of helping to build the MasterCard Remittance Presentment Payment Service (RPPS) network by working directly with new customers. RPPS® became the primary gateway for home banking transactions and at its peak, held 98% of the market.

Wayne pursued similar opportunities and achieved great success at Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, and ACI, where he held senior roles and helped to improve digital channels for the banks’ commercial customers.

For the last eight years, Wayne has focused his advisory practice on collaboration with banks and FinTech companies to identify opportunities for process improvements, the development of new products and/or the identification of new partners.

Banks are also looking to identify the right technologies and FinTech partners to take them into the future of banking. Wayne has a successful track record in introducing start-ups to key decision-makers in the financial services community.

Banks are known for being complex institutions with complex politics and budgets. Wayne is able to go into even the most complicated of these environments and get a consensus, thereby enabling the parties to create real and lasting change.

Wayne is also a public speaker who continues to present on banking and FinTech topics to both bankers and technology professionals.

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