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Victor Solomon

Victor Solomon

Director and Head of Innovation and Research Blockchain Valley Ventures


Victor Solomon is the Head of Innovation, Research & Analysis, and is responsible for conducting market research, developing new token structures and conducting due diligence at Blockchain Valley Ventures (BVV). Victor brings years of experience from analytical research and growth management with startup companies. He is skilled in token structuring and economics, prides himself as a growth hacker.

Victor is dynamic, creative and structured. He has a passion for helping startups grow in the blockchain space and discovering new technologies to empower entrepreneurs in their journey. He was the recipient of full merit scholarships during his studies at top Universities. Victor was in the top 5% of his graduating class during his Engineering bachelor, top 10% of his graduating class during his Sociology bachelor, and graduated with a Masters in Management degree with high regard. As a founder of an international service club, Victor always delivers the highest quality in everything he does, both at work and in his private life.

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