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Vanessa Lee

Vanessa Lee

Product Director Shopify


Vanessa Lee is the Director of Product on Shopify's Platform Team. In her role, she manages a team of product managers and works with developers, UX teams and marketers to build products for Shopify’s app developers and partners.

With the goal of supporting Shopify’s merchants with all facets of their business, Vanessa’s team is focused on building a fast, stable and reliable platform for partners to build new features into Shopify that would benefit global merchants of all sizes.

Projects Vanessa’s team leads include the Shopify API, the Shopify App Store and Shopify’s app developer tools. Before joining Shopify, Vanessa co-founded two start-ups: BufferBox and Sage Care, and she brings a lot of her experience from being a developer at those startups to her work today.

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