Meet Turker Tunbis -
Turker Tunbis

Turker Tunbis

Managing Director of Digital Banking ICBC Turkey


After spending a couple of years as a professional DJ, Turker Tunbis made a career shift to banking in 2001. He has worked for several banks after that and since October 2014 he is trying to make things great on Digital Channels of ICBC Turkey.

People often say he is authentic and an optimist from nature. He always tries to find a way to make things fun and share his contagious positivity with others.

Turker is a continuous learner, curious about anything. "How it's made?" is his favorite TV show. When he is at home you can find him recycling a broken vacuum cleaner, developing a new project with his Arduino microcontroller kit or hacking an IKEA product.

Books on User Experience, Innovation and Technology are his favorites.

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