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Tor Björn Minde is currently head of the research strategy at Ericsson Research with 30 years experience in ICT research. He has research management experience leading industry research teams, sections, and sector research areas. He holds an adjunct professorship at the Lulea University of Technology in systems technology and has been involved in many academic research projects. He is part of LTU technology faculty board and also a board member of Norrbotten research council.

His main research interests are audio, geo, sensor, context-aware, machine learning and datacenter technologies. He led the team behind Ericsson Labs with the objective to improve Ericsson ability in open innovation and network exposure. Ericsson Labs operated a server infrastructure with network functionality offering on-line experimental API's, Application Programming Interfaces.

Lately, his main focus has been on cloud infrastructures for energy efficient operation. He has around 20 publications in various conferences and workshops and more than 40 filed patents in the field of signal processing and applications since 1989.

Tor Björn is is currently CEO of RISE SICS North AB and working for Luleå Technical University and RISE SICS North as the manager for the large-scale research infrastructure facility build-up project. He will lead the initiative and implement the vision of a large-scale datacenter facility to support Swedish industry and academia.

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