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Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Independent


Tony Hawk is a skateboarding legend, entrepreneur, philanthropist and pioneer in taking countercultural movements mainstream.

Starting his professional skateboarding career at age 14, Hawk quickly rose to the top of the sport and helped to dramatically expand its popularity around the world by launching a national exhibition, skateboard and apparel company, and eponymous video game series.

In 1999, he famously landed a "900" for the first time in competition in San Francisco, just minutes away from where Bitcoin 2020 will be held. In 2002, Hawk launched the Tony Hawk Foundation to help build safe skateparks around the country and the charity now accepts bitcoin donations.

In May 2019, he quipped on Twitter that he had “Been riding [Bitcoin] for 6 years. Haven’t bailed yet,” identifying himself as a HODLer with a penchant for igniting the Bitcoin community.

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