Meet Patrick Tomelitsch -
Patrick Tomelitsch

Patrick Tomelitsch

Founder and CEO Oroundo Mobile


Patrick Tomelitsch is a 30-year-old entrepreneur currently living in Vienna, Austria. He is the CEO of Oroundo Mobile, a technology company that is focusing on building an international cultural platform. Oroundo serves various clients around the world across the companies five locations in Europe and South-East-Asia and has a team of 30 people. Patrick is also partner and shareholder in B.A.M. Ticketing, a Blockchain Technology company concentrating on ticketing and voucher business, as well as Three For One Trading, a Vienna based trading company for Magic, the Gathering cards.

Patrick was born and raised in Carinthia, southern Austria where he also finished his studies on Media and Communication science. Besides his drive for building businesses, he is interested in politics, culture, art and traveling. Magic had been a massive part of his early life. The game allowed him to see the world at a very young age and connect with various cultures and people all over the planet. Patrick also loves to learn more about physical and mental fitness continually.

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