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Tomas Zatko

Tomas Zatko

Partner and CEO Citadelo


Tomas Zatko keeps companies safe from cyber-attacks via penetration testing, security operation centers, incident response, forensic analysis & system hardening services.

For the last few years, he has appeared on TV as an IT and Cybersecurity expert. He is also a regular speaker at industry conferences such as WebExpo and QuBit.

Tomas is a Co-Author of the OWASP Testing Guide - widely considered to be the pre-eminent industry publication for how to successfully conduct penetration tests.

He found his hacker talent back in childhood and wrote his first program aged 8. At 10 he reverse-engineered a proprietary binary data structure in his favorite game to make his soldiers supermen and unlock all the levels. As an adult, he decided to make the world more secure and since 2006 he has been helping companies ranging from e-commerce to major financial institutions with their Cybersecurity.

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