Meet Tomas Rossi -
Tomas Rossi

Tomas Rossi

Project Manager Raiffeisenbank a.s.


Tomas Rossi is a business-oriented person with a strong technical background and opened mind with 10 years of practice in a managerial position, 8 years of experience in leading projects and 4 years in a senior management role leading regional teams and related projects. He has gained experience in leading up various Operations and IT teams, managing or coordinating several International projects and sponsoring or leading local ones.

He is focused and trained on providing excellent Customer Service, continuous operational improvements, tight cost control, team performance, and productivity. Tomas is a creative person, coming up with practical solutions also equipped with sales drive and negotiation skills.

During his practice, his specialization evolved into the management of challenging projects and is usually called to projects that are considered to be difficult to manage or to bring resolution to projects that for some reason repeatedly fail to be delivered.

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