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Tom Davidson

Tom Davidson

PR Manager Sports Interactive (SI)


As PR Manager, Tom Davidson is responsible for developing and implementing the studio's PR strategy across broadcast, online and print media. As part of this, he is tasked with creating and distributing press releases to target media, building and maintaining relationships with a broad range of football and youth media and reporting on any coverage gained as a result.

In his current role, he also handles day-to-day PR inquiries and tasks. These can range from managing and distributing our bank of media assets to organizing and managing the placement of competitions in the media and working with SEGA's PR team to address the needs of the specialist video games press.

In addition, he is the studio's main copywriter producing high-quality copy to meet stringent deadlines. This includes, but is not limited to: game description text for the Football Manager website, store text for online retailers and back of pack text. He collates, oversees and edits the writing of other members of the team for this purpose as well.

He has retained a large amount of the responsibilities from his previous role as Football Analyst. He continues to produce original content that feeds into the football conversation and still heavily involved in the studio's video output, writing all of the scripts for all videos that are produced in-house.

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