Meet Tom Bowers -
Tom Bowers

Tom Bowers

Director of Production Engage Works Ltd


Tom Bowers is a creative pioneer, thought leader and innovator in the Broadcast, Social, TV and Brand engagement space with 20+ years of media industry experience. He has a niche mix of traditional TV programming production expertise fused with executive digital engagement, content and emerging technology understanding most recently into immersive user and fan experiences in VR, AR, Projection-Mapping, Projection Domes & Holograms.

He has a full understanding of viewer engagement space from content ideation to delivery & analysis for the propulsion of the media and live event sector.

He is driven to prove and create editorial and commercial rewards with social engagement in broadcast and media with a unique understanding of traditional TV production values combined with viewer engagement & social interaction.

He has executive-level relationships with production companies, broadcasters, agencies, technical 3rd parties & major social networks. His entrepreneurial approach is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of traditional TV to enhance viewer experience and develop the future of broadcast.

He has the ability to understand how and which TV formats should be enhanced with engagement for maximum impact - importantly how interactive should enhance, not diminish viewer/fan experience.

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