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Tom Baumann

Tom Baumann

Founder and Co-Chair Climate Chain Coalition (CCC)


Tom Baumann has co-founded several startups since 2007: ClimateCHECK (services), the GHG Management Institute (online training and capacity building with over 7000 members in over 160 countries), Interactive Leader | Collaborase (online collaboration software for Standards 2.0 and Nextgen governance), Xpansiv (Blockchain-enabled platform for commodities), the Climate Chain Coalition (open global multi-stakeholder network for blockchain to enhance climate actions), and Adaptation Ledger (integrative tools to support adaptation finance). Tom is on the Faculty of the Blockchain Research Institute and Fellow of the Global Solution Networks. Tom has over 15 years of experience in standardization and was the International Chair of the ISO Climate Change Standards Committee (2014-2019).

Tom has 20 years' experience working with 100s of organizations in climate, cleantech, and sustainability. Tom’s focus is to innovate new technology-based solutions for more robust collaborative governance systems, knowledge management, capacity building, and market operations to enable strategic solutions to sustainability issues.

Tom’s earlier career also includes roles as a senior GHG MRV manager in a $1B government cleantech funding program and director at an international certification company.

Tom co-founded Interactive Leader and led the development of Collaborase, which has over 3000 experts developing "Standards 2.0" with leading sustainability programs including WBCSD, Verra (formerly VCS), CDSB, CDP, Climate Adaptation Scholars, Natural Capital Coalition, Gold Standard, The Climate Registry/NEER, and Green Seal.

As International Chair of the ISO Climate Change Standards committee (2014-2019), Tom led 80 national standards bodies and 20 international liaison organizations (e.g. UNFCCC, CDP, Gold Standard, IETA).

Tom has a degree in environmental economics and completed graduate studies in climate change economics. Tom also has degrees in environmental engineering and completed graduate studies specializing in GHG measurement, air pollution, and clean technologies. Tom is a certified knowledge manager and a registered professional engineer.

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