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Tolga Tarhan

Tolga Tarhan

Chief Technology Officer Onica


Tolga Tarhan is combining deep hands-on knowledge of technology with creative solutions to business problems. He has built and led organizations that deliver world-class software products. As a software engineer and entrepreneur by trade, he has 16 years of successive experience in executive roles (CTO, CEO) leading organizations that build great products and deliver exceptional services.

He is multi-faceted with experience across the business in R&D, financial, operational, and marketing activities. He is a passionate technologist with the ability to drive technical teams to deliver the right product for the business. He is a talented strategist working to surface and capitalize on the big moves that will leapfrog competitors and has a record of using technology, strategy, and operations together to grow organizations and maximize shareholder value.

He believes strongly that strategy and culture are unbreakably tied together. He thrives when developing team cultures and norms that align with business strategy, and when fostering the innovative and creative capabilities within those teams to deliver business results.

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