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Tina Singh

Tina Singh

Chief Digital Officer Mahindra Finance


Tina Singh is the Chief Digital Officer at Mahindra Finance, India’s leading rural finance company. She leads the digital transformation initiatives at Mahindra Finance and its subsidiaries namely, Mahindra Rural Housing Finance Limited, Mahindra Insurance Brokers Limited, and Mahindra Asset Management Company. Her role includes creating a unique brick and click a model to transform the traditional rural business model as well as adding additional revenue streams through digital-only businesses. She evangelizes and leads the implementation of digital technologies – especially Blockchain and Credit Analytics based on alternate data and Artificial Intelligence in financial services. At Mahindra Finance, she has pioneered the implementation of a blockchain-based supply chain lending, the first actual blockchain implementation, in South Asia. She is also responsible for identifying and investing in fintech start-ups that can take financial inclusion to the last mile.

She started her career in advertising but then pivoted to financial services. She successfully held diverse positions like Group Product Head – Cards; Head – Corporate Brand Group at ICICI Bank. She later managed the digital banking portfolio for 7 years at ICICI Bank and as Head – Internet Banking won many prestigious awards including ‘Best Internet Banking - Asian Banker 2015’.

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