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Tim Lea

Tim Lea

Chief Executive Officer Fractonium


Tim Lea feels privileged to be deeply engaged within the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, working with great and passionate teams within the space. In the course of his speaking engagements, both domestically and internationally, he has met some incredible fellow travelers on the blockchain journey who are unified by one great mantra - to leverage the transformative power of the blockchain for the greater good.

2019 continues to be the year of regulation, where the blockchain begins to find its own feet and business begins to engage with the technology to solve actual problems and to create new opportunities from new business models previously not possible. As regulation and compliance increasingly becomes part of the blockchain fabric we will see the rise of regulated Tokenized structures - Cryptocurrency 3.0

As a regulated structure will finally enable traditional institutional and financial markets to truly embrace and commercialize the power of Blockchain technology.

We are increasingly being drawn to the renewables space; where new funding models will create enhanced sustainable outcomes that will leave the world a better place.

Tim looks forward to continuing his journey of helping teams and organizations make sense of the opportunities and threats and to adopting this young technology, commercially, profitably and with appropriate compliance.

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