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Thuan Pham

Thuan Pham

CTO Uber Technologies Inc.


Thuan Pham is passionate about building a talented, healthy, and motivated engineering organization and leading it to accomplish extraordinary things. He cares deeply about organizational health and principled leadership, as these are the greatest drivers for any team to harness its maximum potential. Success is far more achievable, and with much more fun, when we have a healthy, engaged, and talented workforce led by leaders with unquestionable integrity and full transparency. These are his deeply held beliefs, and he strives to uphold these core values in everything that I do, every day.

In his career thus far, he has had the great fortune of having been part of some amazing engineering teams, built and led some great ones, and together we all managed to accomplish some pretty important things. But at the end of the day, the things he is most proud of aren't about the big things and jobs that got done, but how he managed to do job over the years in ways that leave a lasting positive impact in the hearts, minds, and lives of the many people who I shared the journey with.

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