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Thomas Reck

Thomas Reck

Founder and Chief Strategist Insight


Thomas Reck is obsessed with branding and positioning highly successful people in their niche online.

When he was 18 and randomly flew to New York without knowing anyone he realized one thing very quickly: Americans are very smart about the stance of their industry leaders on social media. He also learned that success is only possible if one has a valuable idea and a stage on which to share it.

With social media influencing more and more the landscape of work he has set it his mission to position CEOs in their niche and transfer new generation Personal Branding into the European business world.

He believes we’re on the edge of Personal Branding emerging into an important business tool for the next decades. For CEOs, that’s a huge opportunity to give their company a face and position themselves as a Leader in their industry.

Insight’s mission is to help CEOs grow a sustainable personal brand that drives profit. They want to give Entrepreneurs the attention they deserve. As the Chief Strategist, it is his responsibility to lead his team by pioneering field-tested concepts that allow them to bring forward the most effective process to achieve their client's goals.

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