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Thiago Cesar

Thiago Cesar

Chief Executive Officer Transfero Swiss AG


Thiago Cesar is the co-founder and CEO of Transfero Swiss AG is specialized in cryptocurrencies and digital assets investment products, including the safekeeping of digital tokens. Based in Switzerland at the heart of the crypto-valley, our customers can expect a frictionless experience when investing in cryptocurrencies, not having to worry about mobile wallets, private key backups and other technical complications that are inherent to the digital assets market.

He is also the CEO of Bit.One, the Brazilian subsidiary of Transfero Swiss AG, being the largest cryptocurrency trading desk in Brazil.

Holding an MSc from the University of London, Thiago produced one of the first academic thesis about Bitcoin, while also being a researcher at the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) within the field of digital currencies. Transfero is the largest OTC trading desk in Brazil and the first crypto wealth management firm in the region.

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