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Thaddeus Batt

Thaddeus Batt

Blockchain and DLT Solution Architect Colorado Governor's Office of Information Technology


As CTO at Denver-based Spire Digital, Thaddeus Batt led cross-functional teams innovating at the forefront of Internet tech through custom digital product development for mobile, social, and web where he got his first look at blockchain-based technology by accident. As he was building out the firm’s DevOps practice in 2014, he discovered a client’s application server had become unresponsive. After discovering the attack vector, he reverse-engineered the malware and became interested in the underlying technology. It had been cryptojacked with an early version of blockchain malware and was being used for Bitcoin mining.

In 2017 he founded Blockchain Industries as a blockchain operations consultancy helping software developers automate the process of deploying code, configuring, and running blockchain nodes. Thad joined the Colorado Governor's Office of Information Technology in April 2019 as the State's first Blockchain Solution Architect, providing research and development of the state's blockchain-related use cases, infrastructure, application integrations, and architec.

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