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Tejasvi Addagada

Tejasvi Addagada

Deputy Vice President - Head of Data Management & Governance AXIS BANK


Tejasvi Addagada is a Data Management and Governance Practioner with over 12 years of success assisting enterprises to develop and optimize solutions that realize outcomes with 100% Benefits. He is authorized to perform Capability assessment by IQ International and Enterprise Data Management Council (EDMC).

Tejasvi enables organizations to monetize the value of data while minimizing risk related to data. He also provides a positive impact on Corporate Governance, with levers of data management activities. Tejasvi defines the data strategy and aligns with enterprise goals and objectives. He also sets-up governance practice from grass-roots and traverses maturity through stewardship. Tejasvi also drafts and operationalize data policy through centralized control and distributed management.

He develops operational Customer Data Hub (CDH) for Banks, Telcos & Fleet. Tejasvi also assesses, certifies & monitors data quality of critical data elements, as per six sigma framework. He captures & actively manages metadata, semantics, ontology & taxonomies. He also defines & manages architecture by managing an architecture council.

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