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Tarig Enaya

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Applied predictive statistician and transformative business leader with a lifelong passion for horses, Dr. Tarig Enaya leads the Enterprise Business Unit of the region’s largest ICT and telecommunications provider. He is the chairman of STC Pay, chairman of STC Specialized and vice-chairman of STC Solutions. Dr. Enaya was managing director of CISCO (Saudi Arabia) and previously with Intel, King Fahad Medical Complex, the Ministry of Health and, in the US, Corning.

He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering and Master’s in Electrical Engineering from Florida Technical Institute, where he would later teach. He enjoys spending time with his family and at his stables, where he is experimenting with IoT and predictive analysis in horse welfare and performance.

As senior vice president of Enterprise Business at STC, Dr. Enaya has built a diverse team of engineers, mathematicians, and CX specialists, to accelerate the digitization of business in the Kingdom and play a key enabling role in Vision 2030. Under his leadership, they have registered many IP patents and build innovative home-grown solutions using artificial intelligence, narrowband IoT and big data to solve big world problems for their clients, including: mobile payments and digital wallet, bio-tracking of displaced persons, patient zero location through connectivity data, traffic easing in Riyadh, and the protection of 3 million pilgrims during Hajj with early fire detection and prevention.

Developing local talent is important to Dr. Enaya. Within his last two years at CISCO, 60% of senior managers were Saudi nationals and performance of the business doubled. As VP CIO at King Fahad Medical Complex, Dr. Enaya introduced a graduate entry scheme which recruited and advanced both women and men.

Before returning to Saudi Arabia, Dr. Enaya led six-figure R&D projects at Corning, where he designed experiments predicting the lifespan of different next-generation optical technologies.

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