Meet Talal AlQahtani -
Talal AlQahtani

Talal AlQahtani

IT Governance Manager Capital Market Authority


With Talal's broad experience in the technical field of information technology that covers almost all the components of a complete enterprise including database, applications, and networking among all others, complemented with the knowledge of handling and managing a vital group of technical personnel, the time has come for him when all these knowledge and experiences have to be taken to higher grounds.

As he truly believes that in learning, there is always a room for improvement, it is his absolute goal to engage himself in a way of continuous learning and career advancement. With a slight view of the business side of the enterprise, he wants to explore this area in a more comprehensive way by concentrating on the detailed learned process of mastering the administration and management of a business enterprise. He can only achieve this ambition by applying what he learned from his Master degree and his broad experience in the technical and business field of information technology.

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