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Tahira Dosani

Tahira Dosani

Managing Director, Accion Venture Lab Accion


Tahira Dosani is a strategist with significant experience in private equity, management consulting, and impact investing as well as private-sector driven international development. She has a proven track record of high-quality strategic work and operational expertise in a wide range of markets and industries. She is focused on the intersection of technology and financial services.

She has demonstrated the ability to connect with clients and partners, diagnose key needs, and deliver effective solutions. She is a significant international work experience and cross-cultural understanding.

Tahira is leveraging impact investing as a means to open the gates of the capital markets to emerging economies and businesses, enabling profitable returns and large-scale, sustainable social impact.

Her specialties include strategy development and execution, impact investing, private equity, venture capital, economic development, financial services, private-sector driven international development, non-profit management, education, management consulting, financial inclusion, technology, and telecommunications.

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