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Sveinn Valfells

Sveinn Valfells

Co-Founder Monerium


Sveinn Valfells co-wrote the bioinformatics business plan later incorporated as Ingenuity Systems 1998 (acquired by Quiagen). He is the Director of Operations at deCode Genetics prior to listing on Nasdaq in 2000. He helped found, fund and manage Iceland's first full-service independent telco, Islandssimi, now (1999-2000).

He helped found, fund and manage Iceland based Dimon Software. In the early 2000s, Dimon powered mobile[.]sun[.]com and licensed software to Nokia. He advised and invested in Arctic Ventures, a 1999 vintage Stockholm VC fund that returned 28 pct IRR over its 8 year lifetime.

He is a seed investor in Atlas Genetics, a UK based medical diagnostics company funded by a Novartis-led syndicate since 2011. He advised and invested in IQ Capital, a 2006 vintage Cambridge UK based venture fund still investing and with 'exits' to Google and Apple. He is a member of the grassroots 'Advice' campaign in Iceland to reject in a 2011 plebiscite taxpayer guarantee of private bank deposits, (Landsbanki, Icesave).

He was quoted in FT and WSJ; interviewed on BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4 Today Programme, BBC Newsnight, BBC Business Edition, Voice of America, CNBC, CNN, and Icelandic National TV.

Sveinn is an Ubuntu user since Breezy Badger.

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