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Sunny Ahonsi

Sunny Ahonsi

CEO MediLiVes


Sunny Ahonsi a chartered accountant and a member of The British Blockchain Association has led highly regarded organizations across the globe over the years by providing innovative and development solutions, creating value, maximizing growth and improving business performance. He has managed several startups and helped SMEs in securing and raising finance to accelerate the growth of their business.

Sunny has worked extensively as a training consultant in the Private, Public and Voluntary sector. A highly experienced trainer with over 30 years in delivering leadership and personal development programs for top corporate executives and political leaders internationally.

Most recently Sunny founded The London School of Blockchain and Digital Education also known as My Blockchain Education, an education-based organization founded in the UK, to educate and empower the masses about the innovative potential of Blockchain Technology.

Sunny is currently heading a project called MediLiVes ( which aims to disrupt the healthcare and telemedicine industry by lowering the costs and barriers in conducting algorithmic medical examination models. MediLiVes is an innovative initiative offering unique, new-generation telemedicine solutions. Telemedicine, based on technology that enables a patient’s health condition to be monitored from a distance, is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. The versatile nature of our core product means that it can find abnormalities not only in cardiology, but also in diabetes, dietetics, civilization diseases, and chronic illnesses. The MediLiVes app is capable of recognizing more than 20 irregularities in ECG signals, making diagnosis significantly faster.

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