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Sunandan Chakraborty

Sunandan Chakraborty

Assistant Professor in Data Science Indiana University


Sunandan Chakraborty focuses on data science for social good. Building computational models that leverage vast data sets, he applies them to a broad spectrum of problems in social and environmental science, agriculture, health, and other fields. He draws on diverse data sets (news, social media, images, etc.) and uses tools such as big data analytics, machine learning, information extraction, and time series analysis to compile information and discover knowledge that can lead to solutions.

Before becoming an assistant professor of data science at SOIC, Sunandan worked with Jennifer Jacquet as a Moore-Sloan postdoctoral researcher at the NYU Center for Data Science. Their award-winning research explored the problem of illegal online wildlife trading, utilizing complex digital text analyses.

Sunandan was part of the Big Data Group and the Center for Technology and Economic Development while earning his doctorate. He did his research under the supervision of Lakshminarayanan Subramanian at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences of New York University.

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