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Steven Heller

Steven Heller

Founder The Brand Liaison


With degrees in both law and accounting and a 25+ year career in licensing and business development, Steven Heller combined his vision, experience, and strong industry contacts to create The Brand Liaison. Since its formation in 2011, The Brand Liaison quickly gained prominence as one of the licensing industries leading licensing agencies, with a stellar reputation and strong management team. The Brand Liaison staff is among the most diverse in the industry with experts across a broad range of product classifications.

Acting as legal counsel, business consultant and principal in several ventures, Mr. Heller has assisted both large and small enterprises in growth stage activities including developing strong IP portfolios, establishing strategic partnerships, financing activities and public company transactions. Throughout his career, Mr. Heller has been active in all aspects of intellectual property, including the worldwide licensing and enforcement of various world-famous properties.

Mr. Heller is also currently of counsel to the law firm Foley Shechter, a firm specializing in intellectual property, corporate law, mergers, and acquisitions, and serves as an Officer of EPEC Holdings, Inc., home of James FC Hyde Sorgho Whiskey.

Mr. Heller also finds time to give back to the community as an Adjunct Professor of various business and law classes at institutions such as St. Thomas Law School, Nova Southeastern and South University including Business Law, Ethics, Trademarks Licensing, Franchising, and International Business.

Mr. Heller graduated cum laude from Fordham Law School 1991, and SUNY Albany, 1987, with BS and BA in Accounting and Business Administration.

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