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Stephen Wilson

Stephen Wilson

Managing Director Lockstep Consulting


Stephen Wilson is an accomplished Digital Identity innovator, researcher, adviser and R&D leader, and “one of the world's most original thinkers in identity”. He has 35 years of R&D experience in Australia and the USA, with 24 years dedicated to identity and data protection, helping customers around the world with their ID infrastructures, platforms, and frameworks. He has been personally responsible for numerous breakthroughs in PKI, privacy engineering and national identity frameworks. His vision is for all this to meld and evolve into open infostructure for delivering verified information throughout the digital economy.

In 2004 Stephen founded the independent Lockstep group. Lockstep Consulting provides specialist research, analysis, and advice on digital identity, privacy, and data protection. Lockstep Technologies develops PKI-based verified claims solutions to assure the provenance and fidelity of personal data.

In 2013 he took up a conjoint appointment with Silicon Valley-based Constellation Research, repeat winner of Independent Analyst Firm of the Year, where he leads Digital Safety and Privacy, including blockchain.

His recent advisory clients have included the Australian Treasury, the Australian Payments Network, the Australian Digital Transformation Agency, the New South Wales Digital Driver License, IBM, Infosys, SendGold, Evernym, Queralt, Confyrm, Aetna, the Biometrics Institute, numerous state & federal health departments, the Australian Passport Office, and the Attorney General's Face Verification Service. He has worked on national identity frameworks in Australia, the U.S., Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, and Kazakhstan.

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