Meet Stephen M. Epstein -
Stephen M. Epstein

Stephen M. Epstein

Chief Marketing Officer Kasisto, Inc.


Stephen M. Epstein is a successful product and marketing executive with experience in building highly valued product portfolios, product platforms, and profitable product organizations. He is a strategic visionary with an excellent track record of delivering successful go to market strategies for industry-leading products and solutions.

He has a proven track record for overcoming business deficiencies, complex and challenging product issues with the innate ability to quickly restructure product strategies and reposition market messaging in order to align to industry growth, trends and opportunities with a goal of delivering robust revenue growth.

He is skilled at establishing operational efficiency and increased productivity within culturally and geographically diverse environments while developing product initiatives into specific growth strategies, and planning and executing multi-faceted market development campaigns designed to improve market share, gross revenue and improve business valuation.

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