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Stefania Barbaglio

Stefania Barbaglio

Founder and Director Cassiopeia Services


Stefania Barbaglio is a London-based entrepreneur, business strategist, and well-recognized PR and Investor Relations expert who has advised a range of private and listed companies across many sectors, including new technologies (blockchain) agri-tech, medical cannabis, natural resources; and has facilitated multiple deals globally.

Stefania is the Founder and Director of Cassiopeia Services, the award-winning UK-based boutique Investor & Public Relations agency. Before starting Cassiopeia, Stefania served for a decade as a freelance financial journalist and producer for mainstream TV including Bloomberg, BBC and leading in-house Investor Relations & PR departments. In the technology space, she has worked with a range of blockchain application-focused companies internationally on their ground-breaking projects, including DigiByte, where she is the Official PR. She is an influencer with a large following of investors and is considered as one of the top UK social media female PR expert. Her company Cassiopeia Services was awarded both Best International Investor Relations Firm 2018 and Best Employer Small Medium Enterprises 2017.

Stefania has provided guidance to various firms in areas related to business development, fundraising & organizational dynamics. She is a keynote speaker on new technology disruption, agri-tech revolution, digital identity security and data protection, power of decentralization, benefits of medical cannabis cultivations, alternative investment, social empowerment, and marketing strategies. She also presents her own TV show and holds regular symposia for companies/investors and networking events.

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