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Stanley Yong has over 14 years of experience in policy development, strategic implementation, operations management, and R&D. These include tenures at Singapore’s Central Bank (MAS); the premier research institute for data science (ASTAR); and the manufacturing sector. He now heads the innovation acceleration strategy for the fintech ecosystem.

Most recently, he has led the conceptualization, research, and realization of Project Ubin - the MAS' central bank digital currency project for cross border payments. He is the MAS' specialist leader in blockchain and distributed ledger technology projects using Corda, Hyperledger, and Ethereum. He played an instrumental role in developing the Smart Financial Strategy for Singapore’s financial sector with Deloitte Consulting.

Prior to this, he had developed the MAS’ model risk audit framework and led a team of quants. He has conducted data science courses, equipping over 60 central bank economists with programming skills and basic machine learning expertise in R. This continued on from his R&D work in the Institute for Infocomm Research at ASTAR where he applied machine learning to natural language processing. Supporting Stanley’s proposition are multiple graduate degrees in Computer Science, Statistics, Advanced Finance and an MBA from top global universities.

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