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Sriram Rajamani

Sriram Rajamani

Distinguished Scientist and Managing Director Microsoft


Sriram Rajamani is a Distinguished Scientist at Microsoft Research and Managing Director of Microsoft Research India. Their lab does leading-edge research spanning the following areas: (1) Algorithms, (2) Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning, (3) Systems, and (4) Technologies for Emerging Markets.

Responsibilities for his current role include leadership of the lab, setting direction and culture of the lab, hiring and career development of staff, working with senior management in product groups to influence their technology decisions, and with the academic community to set up and sustain collaborative relationships.

His individual research interests are in designing, building and analyzing computer systems in a principled manner. Over the years he has worked on various topics including Hardware and Software Verification, Type Systems, Language Design, Distributed Systems, Security and Privacy. His current research interest is in automating specific programming tasks by combining Program Synthesis and Machine Learning.

He was co-winner of the CAV 2011 Award for “contributions to software model checking, specifically the development of the SLAM/SDV software model checker that successfully demonstrated computer-aided verification techniques on real programs.” He was elected ACM Fellow in 2015 for contributions to software analysis and defect detection and also a recent Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering.

CS academic and research community activities are run by volunteers, and he volunteers actively. He is serving on the editorial board of CACM magazine for Special Regional Sections. He co-founded the ISEC conference series in India and was a general chair for POPL 2015 (POPL is ACM's flagship conference for programming languages) in India, and program co-chair for CAV 2005 (CAV is the flagship verification conference) in Edinburgh. He has also served on numerous program committees of CS conferences and co-taught many courses and co-advised Ph.D. students over time.

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