Meet Spencer Allee -
Spencer Allee

Spencer Allee

VP, AI and Data Science Ascent Technologies, Inc


Spencer Allee lead Ascent's Data Science and Engineering team focused on using Machine Learning to dramatically reduce the cost of regulatory compliance for our customers making it easier to meet important compliance obligations without having to trade off other business priorities.

Spencer cares most about building effective teams and enabling our people to feel excited about their work, make an impact, and grow their careers. He is also incredibly optimistic about the transformative potential of machine learning and data in the world so he feels grateful to work at its intersection with industry.

When he is not coding or supporting his team, he advises businesses on embedding analytics into their processes. He has been lucky enough to work on projects that span the value chain from customer experience strategy to back-office process redesign and with clients from C-level execs of Fortune 500 companies to business analysts at start-ups.

In his spare time, he is a hobby junky. He is an avid indoor gardener, a regular cook, and an unabashed sci-fi nerd.

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