Meet Sofie Blakstad -
Sofie Blakstad

Sofie Blakstad

Founder & CEO hiveonline


Sofie has delivered major transformation in business and technology across eight international banks, including the first online bank for UBS. Having spent a career building bank, Sofie decided the last thing the world needs is another bank, and so hiveonline was born.

Sofie has a focus on achieving social impact through technology and is an advisor on Fintech and applications of blockchain to the UN, G7, G20, IFC/World Bank and other NGOs. Her second book (with Rob Allen), Fintech Revolution: Universal Inclusion in the New Financial Ecosystem (2018) explains the changing landscape of financial services, how Fintech can support a revolution in financial inclusion, and what banks can do to participate in the new financial ecosystem. Sofie has dedicated the last three years of her life to realising this vision through the development of hiveonline.

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