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Siv Jensen

Siv Jensen

Minister of Finance Norwegian Ministry Of Finance


Siv Jensen is a Norwegian politician who has been Minister of Finance since 2013 and leader of the Progress Party since 2006. She has been a member of the Norwegian parliament from Oslo since 1997.

Born and raised in Oslo, Siv graduated with a degree in business studies from the Norwegian School of Economics. She was first elected to parliament in the 1997 parliamentary election and has later been re-elected for four consecutive terms. She chaired the parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs from 2001 to 2005, and in 2006 succeeded long-time chairman Carl I. Hagen as leader of the Progress Party.

Siv was the Progress Party's candidate for Prime Minister in the 2009 parliamentary election, which saw record-high results for the party. For the 2013 parliamentary election, she supported prospects of a coalition government headed by the Conservative Party and led her party into the Solberg Cabinet, the Progress Party's first-ever government participation.

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