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Simon Haigh

Simon Haigh

Founder EDC


Simon’s experience has shaped his expertise, which is centered on Helping Organisations Grow through Growing their Leaders. Simon has a diverse 25-year international experience over three continents, five countries, a number of industries and roles including C-Suite legal, deal-making, strategic, organizational transformation and commercial with Dell, BHP, Xilinx, NANA Development Corporation and leading global law firms.

He is an author, entrepreneur, director, consultant, Marshall Goldsmith certified coach, keynote speaker, mentor, trained mediator and adjunct unit lead and lecturer in Dealmaking at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. He is also author of three books: Contract Law in an E-Commerce Age (Round-Hall Sweet & Maxwell 2001), Dealmaking for Corporate Growth- the 7PS of Successful Business Deal Execution (Oak Tree Press 2016) and How To Be A Better Deal closer (Business Expert Press 2018)- both latter books with forewords by Marshall Goldsmith- international best-selling author of Triggers and What Got You Here Won’t get You There).

Simon is also Managing Director of global consultancy and Managing Director, Brand Finance Ireland, the leading global independent brand valuation agency.

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