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Silona Bonewald

Silona Bonewald

Vice President Hyperledger


Silona Bonewald serves as Vice President of Community Architecture at Hyperledger. She is responsible for facilitating the creation of the community meta-patterns and processes that a global organization like Hyperledger requires.

Silona has been involved in Open Source Communities for over 14 years where she has helped four companies transition from proprietary to open source. Most recently, she has been working on the creation of the InnerSource Community with a strong focus on business integrations.

She leads the InnerSource efforts at PayPal helping bottleneck teams remove years of backlog and promote collaboration across business units. She brings that knowledge of cross-business process and communication into her work at Hyperledger.

Silona has been leading international software development teams for over 25 years including large scale system architectures and complex workflow systems for Fortune 500 companies.

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