Meet Sid Ahmed Benraouane -
Sid Ahmed Benraouane

Sid Ahmed Benraouane

Senior Lecturer University of Minnesota


A thought leader with 20+ years of experience in multiple sectors, regions, and industries, Sid Ahmed Benraouane advises senior leaders and executive teams in the government and the private sector on issues related to digital transformation, changes management, market entry strategy, communication, leadership, innovation, human resources, performance management, and excellence. With a deep understanding of the economics of market behavior in the US, Europe, and the Middle East, his work focuses primarily on the decision making the process. He helps decision-makers develop and implement frameworks to forecast, predict, and make projections about business events that may impact their strategy.

As a professor and researcher, he works with his executive MBA students and senior managers to help them develop a global and innovative mindset so they are able to negotiate cultural constructs and navigate the complexities they face when managing a business overseas. He teaches them how to overcome creativity boundaries and, at the operational level, and helps them decide about how to prioritize, organize, and pace market entry strategy overseas using framework and tools that he has developed over the last twenty years of practice.

In the undergraduate program, he helps young students build the foundations of analytical and nimble thinking, while at the same time, gaining insights from their passion and class competition projects, on how one ought to reflect and manage shifts in norms, values, and culture that come with every generation of new labor force entrants.

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