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Sheldon Wall

Sheldon Wall

Manager Advanced Analytics Suncor


Sheldon Wall is passionate about strategy, architecture and data and its application to drive automation, deliver augmented insights and generate tangible business value. Sheldon is well connected in the Calgary community and his experience and advice are sought after from executives and practitioners within oil & gas, fintech, and biotech. Sheldon is a thought leader adept at crafting a vision and then leading effective teams to deliver it through focused plans and practices.

In the last 30+ years, Sheldon has gathered both deep and broad experience in Solution Design and Development, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Technical Architecture, Project Management, Enterprise Architecture and the application of analytics through Data Science. During that time he has had to continually reinvent himself in various roles both as an employee and in contract positions.

In his spare time, he is the Chief Digital Officer and bottle washer at a biotech startup for sequencing DNA - specifically exomes. There he drives the use of cloud platforms and the application of ML using Graph/Network analysis for identifying rare diseases from related variants.

Sheldon embraces challenges and enjoys the outdoors. He runs about two marathons a year and enjoys back-country canoeing. Having completed bucket list runs (Boston Marathon in 2015, New York in 2015 and Chicago in 2016) he is now focused on running Berlin in September 2019 and then the remaining two (Tokyo and London) to round out the Big 6.

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