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Shashwat Gupta

Shashwat Gupta

Co-Founder and CEO Altcoin Buzz


Shashwat Gupta is an entrepreneur with an extensive career in various industries. He started his career as a lawyer in India focusing mainly on corporate law, contracts, and negotiations and founded Spotlaw, a legal precedent software enabling lawyers to research easily, which was launched as an app in 2017. He then founded Grey & Saurian, a 360-degree company in the music industry, with a record label, artist management, recording studio, merchandise, events, and a design studio. Wanting to gain more experience in business, he took up an offer by Li-Ning as the Head of Business Development in Singapore. In his four years with the company, he managed business growth in fourteen countries including Thailand, Middle East, Sri Lanka, Laos, Cambodia, Maldives, etc. before starting his third company Minor Inc., a mobile platform that enables parents to find activities for their children and book various classes in Singapore.

Being a cryptocurrency enthusiast since 2015, Shashwat entered the cryptocurrency space early full time in early 2017 and started off by educating people about the safety and security measures required to secure one's crypto assets, to people who are new to this space. Shashwat is currently an Advisor for Safex,​​ Safe Haven, Aslan Foundation, Etheal​​ and is the Co-Founder of Altcoin Buzz.

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