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Sharon Kits Kimathi

Sharon Kits Kimathi

Editor FinTech Futures


Sharon Kits Kimathi is responsible for managing the FinTech Futures and Banking Technology editorial teams and leading editorial best practice and implement relevant initiatives to enhance and improve the editorial performance across online and print platforms. She is coordinating work with other departments of FinTech Futures, such as sales, marketing, and production. She is in the midst of setting the editorial direction for the publication.

She is writing her own copy as well as overseeing the team’s output. She oversees the commissioning and sourcing editorial from external sources; managing freelancers, contributing to the creation of new editorial products as well as commercial ones. She publishes online content – including news, features and other relevant content, as well as overseeing the production of the Banking Technology magazine (monthly) from the July 2019 edition, alongside other relevant supplements and publications throughout the year. She participates in multimedia content production, including podcasts, videos, etc, oversees the social media channels, attends relevant conferences (or ensuring the editorial team is attending, where applicable) in a journalistic capacity as well as a speaker, presenter, and moderator. She is working on commercial assignments with clients and acting as a brand ambassador and the face of FinTech Futures editorial.

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