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Sergio Damian Lerner

Sergio Damian Lerner

Chief Scientist RSK Labs


Sergio Damian Lerner is currently focused on cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. He is excited about having co-founded and being part of RSK Labs, which is soon to launch the RSK smart-contracts platform.

Sergio periodically performs security audits on the changes to the Bitcoin Core source code. He publishes his ideas in his blog He co-founded Coinspect, a computer security company focused on cryptocurrencies, and CoinFabrik, a software-factory for cryptocurrency development.

Before discovering Bitcoin, Sergio led hi-tech interdisciplinary projects, from security systems with strong cryptography to real-time medical systems, data acquisition, and digital signal processing, for

Specialties: Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Information security, ASICs, problem-solving, algorithms.

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