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Sergey Fradkov

Sergey Fradkov

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Sergey Fradkov is a serial entrepreneur, manager of technological projects and companies. He has more than 25 years of experience in technology and has built several successful businesses in the field of mobile applications, IT services, and enterprise software.

He founded a pioneering mobile platform startup in the ’90s, helped raise over $40MM in venture funding, and helped grow the company to over 200 people more than half in technology. He created one of the largest BlackBerry ISV companies with no outside investment, sold it to a competitor, the product was later sold to Google and incorporated into Google Drive.

He founded and managed a startup accelerator that was ranked as #3 in Europe and served as a technology visionary and advisor to the portfolio companies. He is an advisor to several startups in cryptocurrency space, including ICOs, tokenomics and utility tokens.

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