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Selene Jin

Selene Jin

Director of User Experience Blockstream


Selene Jin believes that design is the bridge between technology and humanity, and has spent her career for striving for a sole goal: Designing for social impact.

Prior to entering the realm of Bitcoin and blockchain, she founded a design studio that focuses on projects to help make the world a better place, including applications that helps former inmates of the US jurisdictional system to rehabilitate with society, and assisting the United Nations in data analysis for reduction of global poverty.

In 2017, Selene recognized the scale of impact that Bitcoin could bring to the world, and the design maturity within the industry was a critical issue that holding back greater adoption. As a result, she then joined Blockstream, where she became the first designer in the industry’s engineering giant and has been contributing her expertise to Blockstream's forefront technologies and other open-source Bitcoin projects.

In addition to her primary work with design, Selene is currently building a startup that focuses on raising awareness of privacy and equality.

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